Thursday, March 25, 2010

A place to call home...well, somone's home

Black Sheep Coffee, 11th Street

Pros: Strong community vibe, with a very relaxed atmosphere. The coffee was pretty decent, though I didn't add enough cream. Guess that isn't their fault. It really reminds me of a lot of places in Madison, in that I could imagine a group of sprightly hippies chilling out, talking about social justice over yerba mate.

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Cons: That community vibe I was talking about--If you're not in that community, you feel a bit out of place. The tables and seating area are really close together, so it feels almost if you're intruding upon someone if you sit near them. I intended to stay here when I came to get coffee, but left because it didn't feel like there was anywhere to sit, even though there was. Some coffee shops are really good at cultivating that feeling of walking into a comfortable living room--the problem is when it makes you feel like you're walking into someone's ACTUAL living room. Maybe that's why Bed and Breakfasts sometimes creep me out.

Still, I think I'll give them another chance, eventually. Its not MY living room, but given the right beverage incentives, I could be called upon to impose.

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