Monday, March 22, 2010

Looking for a Cuppa (Coffee)

When Dave first visited Sioux Falls, one of my first tasks for him was to find decent, non-Starbucks coffee shops I could go to. Nothing against Starbucks, but if its your only option in a town, you know its going to be a long winter.

So, once I moved here, I began that arduous task of finding My Coffeeshop. Over the course of the next few blogs (my caffeine addiction permitting) I'll give a quick review of the coffee shops here. To begin let's start with....

Scooter's Coffee House
Pros: Its a small coffee house on the south side with an unpretentious vibe. Though technically a chain based out of Omaha, it doesn't really feel too corporate. Wi-Fi. outlets, comfy looking chairs as well as small tables to work or meet at. It's also next door to a nice specialty market, Cleaver's.

 Cons: The coffee was not good. It tasted like gas station coffee; watery, and lacking in any unique characteristics. Maybe I shouldn't write them off until I have one of their lattes, but I don't know if there is any point; if you can't do the basics, what's the point in moving on to something more complicated?

Even a cup poured from the single pot of coffee at the doughnut shop in Tea  tasted better. Of course, the problem with that place is that its only open until noon, which I don't quite understand---there's nothing better, after all, than doughnuts at 1 am.

Next up: Black Sheep Coffee

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