Friday, May 20, 2011

Panda Bread!

I was planning to get a bunch of chores done today, but someone ended up spending most of the day baking instead.

It all started last night with a failed attempt at Amish Friendship Bread.

Above are the sad, but tasty remenants. The center wasn't totally done, and really, considering how many times I have made this, I should have known better. But you know how sometimes you know better, but you just want to eat already?

Bummed by last night's efforts, I decided that it was time to attempt something I've been dying to try---


It's essentially just a white bread---with a very entertaining center. It's not really too difficult, but you do need a LARGE bread pan. I only had a small one, better suited for banana breads, etc., and so ended up using a square cake pan, just so it would fit. This resulted in a rather weird shape, but it worked anyway.

If you'd like to take a stab at panda bread, there are various recipes for it online (apparently, it first came from Japan, where all good things seem to originate), but here's the one I used: Panda Bread