Friday, June 18, 2010

A Back Log of Delicious---Mostly.

So it turns out that when you don't blog for two weeks, the food pics really start to pile up. Also, when the cumulative results of 2 weeks of baking and cooking are before you, certain things become clear. First, I clearly bake a lot.

Apple Cinnamon Muffins with a oatmeal granola streusel.

Verdict: A bizarrely healthy muffin for a mix. The mix uses whole wheat flour, which has a slightly bitter after taste. Personally, I think banana melds a bit better with whole wheat, but still good!

Whoopie Pies!

Verdict: YUM. These were creamy, cakey, and also great frozen. I'd make them smaller next time I think, as the traditional fist-sized cookie sandwiches are a bit larger than I imagine is a good single serving size. Interestingly, most recipes for whoopie pies (including the one I used) use raw egg whites for the filling. I'm not sure why, but it works. Using egg whites puts you at a lower risk of salmonella poisoning than using raw yolks, but it's still a potential issue.

Homemade Butterscotch Pudding

It turned out a tad thinner than I'm accustomed to, though this might be because this recipe does not include any gelatin as a thickening agent. It had big brown sugar flavor though, which I loved. Way more than boxed pudding. Allowing it to cook a bit longer would likely have allowed the butterscotch flavor to develop more, but I was impatient. Dave was less of a fan I think, but he's also very attached to his boxed pudding.

Chocolate Meringues

Verdict: As Dave said, "they're like an inside out s'more!" I didn't have the pastry bag they called for in the recipe to pipe the cookies with, so I constructed one out of a sandwich bag. The more awkward looking cookies came out looking a bit more like doggie poop, but trust me, they all tasted great. They were also addictive. I made these for a game night, but I think I'll probably be eating all the left overs. Today.

In between cookies and puddings, I did manage to squeeze in a few actual meals. Even got Dave to cook once or twice.

Grilled Teriyaki Salmon with rice. Mmmmmm. I'm always impressed whenever anyone manages to cook fish and NOT leave half of it on the grill. I never have the patience to do it right, so its a good thing he's in charge of the grill, in a stereotypical Man-Make-Fire way.

After a great dinner like that, someone deserved a great breakfast.

Cinnamon French Toast with Sausage Links and Fresh Pineapple.

I usually make the promise about once a week that I'm going to get up early and make a great breakfast. It always sounds like a better idea the night before. If I could eat this every morning though, I might consider it more regularly.

Of course, there are plenty of days when we barely have time to make any meals, much less an elaborate breakfast. I knew we'd have a few days like that this past week, so I went with one of our favorite left over meals:

A big old rotisserie roasted chicken.....

with baked red potatoes with rosemary and thyme.

Finally, I successfully resisted, over and over for the past two weeks to NOT disturb my fermenting Kombucha, just to see how it's doing. However, my baby's due date is in just a few more days, at which point, we'll get to open it up, and see if it is a stunning success, or unqualified disaster.

There it sits. Waaaaaaaaaaiiting......


  1. I've never had Kombucha. What does it taste like?

  2. It's hard to describe the taste. I would say it tastes like tangy, tart, slightly fizzy tea, with whatever flavor comes with it. The most delicious brand, in my opinion, is the Kombucha Wonder Drink if you can find a store that sells it. Interestingly, Willy St. Coop has temporarily pulled their kombucha off the shelf until the company that makes it can verify that it contains less that .5% alcohol content.

    Becca- love the french toast! Now that I don't have to rush out the door in the morning, I have been making french toast every day for breakfast for the past 2+ weeks. I get into routines for breakfast very easily!