Monday, January 18, 2010


Today I made a trip to what google indicates is the only organic co-op in Sioux Falls: East Dakotah Natural Foods Co-Op

I'm not an 100% organic shopper, but I like the atmosphere of co-ops, and there are almost always things that you can only get at these types of specialty stores--spelt in bulk, tea tree oil, liberals... This time of year, as it turns out, that's kale.

It's not like kale only exists at organic grocers. I'm pretty sure that kale has been in grocery stores since I was a kid, somewhere in that lonely area that no one quite knows what to do with, between turnip greens and kolarabi. I think most people have been thinking for the past 20 years that it was just decoration. But oh, then came Kale Chips.

If you read food blogs, you know what they are, and you know they're awesome. If not, follow that link.

This evening, I made one of my new favorite home alone meals: Tomato and Egg Bake with Kale Chips and Crusty Bread. Still working on shortening that name. I like this meal, because its perfect for one person. I suppose it could be perfect for two people too, or however many oven-safe bowls you have in your house. Start with:

Preheat oven at 350 degrees. Cook can of diced tomatoes in a pot with minced garlic and anything else you like until the liquid is reduced and the tomatoes become soft (or softer). Pour mixture into an oven safe bowl. Next, crack a raw egg into the tomato. Do NOT stir. Place the bowl in your oven, and bake until the egg is set, about 10 min. Remove from oven, grate some Parmesan over the top, sprinkle with salt and pepper to taste. Voila!

Ok, it looks less awesome than it tastes. I usually toast some crusty bread with it to dip into the egg/tomato mixture, but all I had on hand was Irish Soda Bread I had made earlier this week. I had my doubts, but it actually tasted pretty awesome.

The combination of kale chips, comfy tomato/egg goodness and toasty bread was a great winter meal. Couple that with a Better World Wheat Beer, and I'm ready for bed.


  1. Your egg/tomato bake sounds delicious! I will try to make that soon. Now for a question for you: when you make kale chips, how much of the nutrients and vitamins are zapped in the high temperatures in the oven? Kale chips are delicious, but are they actually nutritious?

  2. While raw Kale is packed with more vitamin K than you can shake a stick at and other good nutrients, baked Kale is more debatable. Some studies have shown that steaming kale can help encourage the formation of Sulforaphane, which boosts the body's detoxification enzymes. But baking is a much different process; most articles that you will see touting the healthfulness of kale will quote stats for raw or steamed. Baking over 120 degrees undoubtably releases some of the nutrients.

    Are they better for you than potato chips? Yes.

    Would they be healthier if you didn't cover them in salt, oil and cheese and bake them? Yes. :)